How can I assign Shifts to Multiple Employees Simultaneously?

How can I assign Shifts to Multiple Employees Simultaneously?

Shifts can also be assigned through the Employees Tab. If you want to assign shifts using the 201 file, click here.  Alternatively, if you would like to assign shifts through Department Shifts, click here.

Note: To assign shifts, make sure you have created the Shift Types to be selected later. Click here for more information.

To assign shifts to multiple employees, click Employees>Shifts.

Click the Mass Add Shifts button. A prompt box will pop up.

If you have a CSV file ready, click Choose File and select the CSV file from your computer. Once selected, the filename will appear next to the button. Click Upload.  

Note: If it’s your first time, click the Employee Shifts Upload: Field Guide button to view the CSV template, which also provides instructions on how to fill it out.

Click the Download Sample CSV File button to download the template. Use the template to record your employee shifts. A CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file stores tabular data (numbers and text) in plain text. Salarium will easily process the CSV file in its database once you upload it to the system. 

Note: Use the Shift Types you have created in the Company Setup menu. The system will not recognize Shift Types that have not been created in the Company Setup menu.

When you are ready to upload, click Employees > Shifts. Click the Mass Add Employee Shifts button and upload the file when prompted.

Note:  If you make changes to an employee's shift, his past timesheets will not change to reflect the change in shift. You will need to edit timesheets accordingly.

Employee shifts can also be downloaded.  Click Download Shifts.

A CSV file containing your Employees’ shifts will be downloaded.