Generated Payroll Guide

Generated Payroll Guide

Payroll Summary

Gross Pay
Total Gross Pay of all employees in the Payroll Group
Net Pay
Total Net Take Home Pay  of all employees in a Payroll Group
Total Deductions
Total Amount of Deductions of all employees in a Payroll Group
Total Contributions
Total Amount of Government Mandatory Contributions for SSS, Pag-IBIG, PhilHealth and BIR.
No. of Employees
Total Number of Employees included in the Payroll Group
Payroll Status
Closed: Finalized and ready for disbursement;  pay slips can be sent to the employees and salaries can be disbursed through SALPay (only if applicable)
Open: Payroll has been computed; can still be updated, regenerated, or deleted
Disbursed: Salary disbursement done; Cannot be edited or opened (Applicable for disbursement made via SALPay)

Here are the following actions that can be taken under Payroll Summary:
Deletes payroll ; allows you to generate payroll for the specific payroll period deleted
Allows you to manually override payroll details
Close/Open Payroll
Close: No further changes; ready for disbursement; payroll processing done
Open: Payroll not yet finalized, payroll processing ongoing
Regenerate Payroll
Captures recent changes made on Time and Attendance and Employee Records; Turns into Send Payslips button once payroll status is Closed.
View Pay slips/Send Pay slip
View Pay slips: Allows you to see Employee Pays lips
Send Pay slips: Appears once payroll status is Closed; Allows you to send pay slips to all employees in one click
Payroll Register
Payroll register is downloaded to your computer

Disbursement Summary
This section displays all the disbursement methods assigned to employees. Each line displays the number of employees to be disbursed using a specific method together with the Total Net Pay. Disbursement method for each employee was initially set under Employee 201 File.



Disbursement Method Description are as follows:

Shows the Total Amount to be prepared in cash
Shows the Total Amount for cheque disbursements; Net Pay Amount or the amount to be written on the cheque per employee can be found on the Payroll Register
Shows the Total Amount to be credited as fund in the SALPay Corporate Wallet linked to the company
Supported Local Banks
Provides downloadable Bank Advise and Bank File for the following supported banks:
  • Union Bank of the Philippines (UB)
  • Banco De Oro Universal Bank (BDO)
  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
  • Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company (Metrobank)

Payroll Details
This section displays the list of employees included in the pay run as well as the itemized breakdown of their salaries.
You can look at the breakdown of a specific employee’s salary by clicking on the Arrow Down on the left side across the Employee ID. Fields can be directly edited but does not reflect on the existing records where the relevant data come from.

Payroll Register

The payroll register contains the summary of the payroll data. It can be downloaded from the Payroll Summary page. This is automatically downloaded to your computer as a .csv file.

Here is a categorized list of details displayed on the payroll register:
Employee InformationTime and Attendance DataPayroll Data
  • Employee ID
  • Employee Last Name
  • Employee First Name
  • Employee Middle Name
  • Payroll Group
  • Department
  • Tax Status
  • Rank
  • Cost Center
  • Tax Type
  • Base Pay
  • Base Pay Unit
  • Yearly Rate
  • Monthly Rate
  • Daily Rate
  • Hourly Rate
  • Payroll Cut-off

  • Total Hours Worked
  • Scheduled Hours
  • Full Pay
  • Undertime Hours
  • Undertime Amount
  • Absent Hours
  • Gross Income
  • Employee SSS Contribution
  • Employee HDMF Contribution
  • Employee Philhealth Contribution
  • Total Mandatory Employee
  • Employer SSS Contribution
  • Employer SSS EC Contribution
  • Employer HDMF Contribution
  • Employer Philhealth Contribution
  • Total Mandatory Employer
  • Taxable income
  • Withholding Tax
  • Total Deduction
  • Net Pay

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