Add Gap Loan

Add Gap Loan

A Gap Loan is a loan option given to companies using Salarium which allows them to set a Minimum Net Take Home pay for their employees. When the calculated Net Take Home Pay of an employee is less than the set amount, the company will automatically provide the supplemental amount needed to reach the Minimum Net Take Home Pay. This amount will then be considered as a loan.

Sample Scenario:
Minimum Net Take Home Pay
Php 5,000.00
Actual Employee Take Home Pay
Php 3,800.00
GAP Loan Amount
= Minimum Take Home Pay - Actual Employee Take Home Pay
Php 1,200.00

The Minimum Take Home Pay for the payroll group where the employee is included is Php 5000. Upon generating regular payroll, the computed employee’s actual Take Home Pay is Php 3800. The employee is Php 1200 short considering the Minimum Take Home Pay set. Allowing the system to do a Gap Loan transaction lends the exact lacking amount. The amount and monthly loan payment can further be adjusted.

When the system detects that an employee’s salary is lower than the *Minimum Net Take Home Pay, a dialog box will appear asking if you want to make a Gap loan transaction. This only appears if the Gap Loan has been activated upon creating the payroll group.

To  execute a gap loan transaction during regular payroll generation:
1. From the Top Navigation, go to Payroll.

2. Click on the Generate Regular Payroll button. Select the Payroll group and period.

3. Click on the Generate Payroll button > Import.
    • A list of employees included in the selected payroll group will be displayed.

4. Under Time and Attendance section:
    • Option 1: Tick on Get Attendance
      1. Upon ticking on this switch, payroll fetches the most recent data from Time and Attendance
      2. System runs a validation if the Payroll Period selected has existing computed attendance for each date.

                              iii. In case of T&A errors, do the following steps:
  1. Open Time and Attendance in a new tab.
  2. Using the Filter, select the attendance period you need for payroll, then Regenerate Attendance.
  3. Return to Payroll, clear data and tick on Get Attendance again. The system should validate attendance.
    • Option 2: Upload the Time Records manually by uploading the Batch Add Attendance template.

5. You can also add Allowances, Bonuses, Commissions and Deductions as a form of payroll adjustment by uploading the corresponding template
    • Uploading ABCDs at this point means these items were not added previously under Employee Records and Payroll>Bonus/Commissions.
    • Each payroll item has its specific batch upload template.

6. Once done, click on the Finish Import button.
    • Salarium computes your payroll.
    • When the net take home pay of an employee falls below the set minimum take home pay, you are given the option to avail of the Gap Loan. This only appears if the Gap Loan has been activated upon creating the payroll group.

7. On the dialog box, click on the Go To Gap Loan Transactions
    • You will be redirected to the Gap Loans Transaction page

8.  Select the employee from the Employee list on the left panel
    • The Update Gap Loan panel will appear

9. Supply the necessary information:
    • Total Amount Payable
    • Monthly Deductions
    • Payment Scheme - First pay, Last pay, Every pay
    • Loan Terms (months)
    • Repayment start date
    • Repayment end date

Note: Total amount payable to be defined may be higher than the calculated amount given. Repayment start date may be set on a much later date.

10. Once done, click the Generate Payment Schedule button.

11. Click the Finish and Go To The Next button to continue with the rest of the employees.

12. Once all employees are done, click on Finish and Re-calculate Payroll.

13. A dialog box will appear, click on the Confirm button to proceed.
    • The updated payroll summary is displayed.
    • Review the payroll details. Gap loan credit is already included. Proceed with the payroll process.

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