Add a Corporate Payroll Account as Payment Methods Option

Add a Corporate Payroll Account as Payment Methods Option

Salarium supports disbursements via other local banks. However, the final step will only be the generation of Bank Advice and Bank File (DAT file). Supported Local Banks for disbursement are the following:

  • Metrobank

  • Unionbank

  • BPI

  • BDO

  • Security Bank

  • PNB

  • AUB

  • UCPB

Disbursing via other banks means getting billed monthly for the license used by each user versus paying the fixed Php25 disbursement fee per transaction.

Add Company Payment Method

To add a Company Payment Method:

1. From the Top Navigation Bar, click Settings > Company Payroll Settings > Payment Methods

2. Click Add Company Payment Method.

3. Enter the following Bank Account details:
    • Bank Name

    • Bank Branch

    • Account Number

    • Account Type

    • Company Code

4. Click Add.

The bank account must be a Corporate Payroll Account.

Adding a Company Payment Method only allows companies to generate a Bank Advise and a Bank File which are needed to be forwarded to your partner bank. The bank will still be responsible for disbursing the company's payroll.

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